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Legend of the Sea Devils

2022 Specials, Episode 2. First broadcast on Sunday, 17 April 2022.
Posted on Tuesday, 19 April 2022

The Whittaker era is heading towards its inexorable end and dragging this podcast along with it, so it’s time to take a quick penultimate break in nineteenth-century China, where we watch a lot of villagers being killed, a statue breaking open or something, a mysterious sea monster with no apparent plot function, and the non-awaited return of some rubber masks from the 1970s. And, of course, the relationship between the Doctor and Yaz runs into serious fluogeomagnetic issues.

Here’s a link to Brendan’s YouTube series A Walk to Work with Whittaker: his take on this episode will appear some time tomorrow (or today if you’re in a different time zone, I guess).

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