Series 11, New Year’s Day Special — First broadcast on 1 January 2019

This week, Nathan, Brendan, Todd and James assemble an entire Doctor Who flashcast out of long-forgotten odds and ends and unleash another scorching hot take upon an unsuspecting internet. It’s the first and only new episode of Doctor Who in 2019 — Resolution (of the Daleks).

Over on Flight Through Entirety, you can catch some of our more lukewarm takes on the entirety of the Classic Series, as well as our coverage of the Christopher Eccleston Era and the first Doctor Who seasonal special, The Christmas Invasion. We’ll be back later in the year with our coverage of Series 2.

It’s been fun. Thanks for all your feedback. We’ll see you again next year.

Revolution of the Daleks

Series 12, New Year’s Day Special — First broadcast on 1 January 2021

What better way to kick off 2021 than watching Donald Trump and Theresa May unleashing a sexy new breed of Dalek upon the British voting public? It’s a good day for squid, explosions and farewells on Revolution of the Daleks.

Many thanks to Johnny Spandrell for his sudden guest appearance on this episode. You can find his all his writings on Doctor Who at Random Whoness.

You can see Brendan’s video review of this episode here, but you’re probably better off subscribing to his YouTube channel, particularly with the imminent rebirth of his series Say Something Nice.