Spyfall, Part One

Series 12, Episode 1 — First broadcast on 1 January 2020

This week, the stakes are high as Nathan, James, Brendan, Peter and Todd don their tuxes, spy on a sinister tech billionaire, fight deadly glowing aliens, and get a big surprise… It’s Spyfall, Part One.

Over on Flight Through Entirety, we’ve just reached the end of Series 3 of the New Series, and there are a couple of Christmas presents under the tree as well with Time Crash and our commentary on Voyage of the Damned. We’ll be back before too long with our coverage of Series 4.

Here’s where you can find Brendan’s Series 11 Reviews retrospective video.

Spyfall, Part Two

This week, we spend most of our time larking around with computer scientists and Nazis, oblivious to the serious moral issues of wiping people’s memories, betraying villains to the Nazis, and using your mum as a hard drive to store all your backup nudes. It’s Spyfall, Part Two.

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You can also catch Brendan’s bracing and optimistic outdoor takes on Series 12 on his YouTube channel.

Orphan 55

This week, we try to take our minds off the impending collapse of Australia’s entire ecosystem by tuning in to Doctor Who‘s latest entertaining romp, Orphan 55. Looks like we’re in for some fun!

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Nikola Tesla’s Night of Terror

This week, we head back to the start of the twentieth century to meet a terrifyingly handsome Great Man of History and to see what Grandpa Salateen has been up to since that messy business on Androzani Minor. It’s the best Doctor Who episode title since Rider from Shang-Tu — Nikola Tesla’s Night of Terror.

Brendan’s breathless first take on this episode can be found here.

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