The Woman Who Fell to Earth

Series 11 Episode 1 — First broadcast on 7 October 2018

This week, James, Nathan, Todd and Brendan get together for a quick phone call to talk about our first impressions of the first episode of Series 11, The Woman Who Fell to Earth.

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The Ghost Monument

Series 11, Episode 2 — First broadcast on 14 October 2018

This week, Nathan, James, Brendan and Todd call in from the planet Desolation to discuss what they thought of The Ghost Monument, the second episode of Series 11.

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Series 11, Episode 3 — First broadcast on 21 October 2018

This week, James, Nathan, Richard, Brendan and Todd call in to discuss what we think will turn out to be a memorable episode — Rosa.

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Arachnids in the UK

Series 11, Episode 4 — First broadcast on 28 October 2018

This week, James, Nathan, Brendan, Todd and Richard call in from one of Donald Trump’s less well-known hotels to discuss Episode 4 Arachnids in the UK.

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The Tsuranga Conundrum

Series 11, Episode 5 — First broadcast on 4 November 2018

This week, while Nibbler from Futurama eats his way through the FTE studios, Nathan, Todd, Brendan, Richard and James phone in to discuss the latest episode of Series 11 – The Tsuranga Conundrum.

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Demons of the Punjab

Series 11, Episode 6 — First broadcast on 11 November

This week, Nathan and James are joined by the formidable Peter Griffiths to discuss the rather beautiful and very worthy Episode 6 of Series of 11 of Doctor Who – Demons of the Punjab.

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Series 11, Episode 7 — First broadcast on 18 November

This week, Nathan, Brendan, Todd and James take a break from updating their Amazon wish lists to discuss Episode 7 of Series 11 of Doctor Who? … Kerblam!

Over on Flight through Entirety we’ve just reached the end of Series 1 and are gearing up to witter on endlessly about Christopher Eccleston – fantastic!

The Witchfinders

Series 11, Episode 8 — First broadcast on 25 November 2018

This week Nathan, Brendan, Todd and James get familiar with some witches — or do they? It’s Episode 8 of Series 11 — The Witchfinders.

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It Takes You Away

Series 11, Episode 9 — First broadcast on 2 December 2018

This week Nathan, Brendan, Todd and James are fumbling their way through a sci fi chasm reeking of wee, when they come across friend-of-the-podcast Colin Neal. It’s all about frogs, but does it have legs? It’s Episode 9 of Series 11 – It Takes You Away.

Meanwhile, over at Flight Through Entirety we’ve recently reached the end of the Christopher Eccleston era of Doctor Who and there are rumours that we may actually release our commentary on Enlightenment some time this century. While you’re waiting, why not listen to some of our other commentary podcasts.

The Battle of Ranskoor Av Kolos

Series 11, Episode 10 — First broadcast on 9 December 2018

This week, Nathan, Peter, Brendan, Todd and James trek across a hostile alien planet in search of a satisfactory climax — to the season. But do they reach it? It’s Episode 10 of Series 11 – The Battle of Rats Ate My Crayolas!

Over on Flight Through Entirety we’ve finally, after many millennia, reached Enlightenment in our series of classic series commentaries. That will be available this coming Sunday.